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Cooling Tower Maintenance

A regular and high quality cooling tower maintenance program increases your cooling tower's efficiency, extends its life, saves money, and satisfies newly regulated policies regarding Legionella testing. As part of this program, Landover offers the following services:

A Landover Cooling Tower Technician Cleaning a Cooling Tower at Rutgers, Piscataway, NJ

A Landover Cooling Tower Technician Cleaning a Cooling Tower at Rutgers, Piscataway, NJ

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling towers get dirty! Algae grows inside the plenum of the tower. Air intake demands pull in the surrounding air and everything in it: dirt, debris, leaves, even small animals. Scale and calcium deposits can accumulate, causing interior damage and inefficient operation. A cleaning regimen helps flush out the debris and keeps your system operating efficiently.

Our Cleaning Process

Cooling towers need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they are working properly and efficiently. Our cooling tower cleaning service includes the cleaning of the sump (removing mud, debris, and scale), cleaning of the fill to allow air to flow freely and maximize the fill surface area for heat rejection, cleaning the nozzles on top of the tower, and power washing the entire tower.

Each cooling tower cleaning process is specific to your particular tower design.

The Benefits

Landover not only cleans the entire cooling tower unit but also performs a visual inspection of the unit with each visit. These inspections can uncover potential problems within the tower, ideally before the critical use of the tower. Taking a proactive approach to these issues reduce outages and long-term costs.

Plus, Landover offers a disinfection program in addition to our cleaning process, thereby keeping Legionella at bay.

Cooling Tower Disinfection

Why disinfect a cooling tower?

NY City Department of Health/ASHRAE 188 guidelines dictate that all towers in New York City must be disinfected from Legionella twice each year and tested quarterly. Landover is licensed to perform tower disinfection in accordance with these guidelines.

Cooling Tower Maintenance Programs

A cooling tower maintenance program guarantees that your tower is visually inspected twice a year, and could include bi-annual cleaning. During our visits we perform a general inspection of your cooling tower. Resolving problems before they occur minimizes costly emergencies by being pro-active and anticipating events which may cause problems or expensive system wide shut-downs.

Preventive Maintenance Service Call

During a PM visit we perform the following functions:

We conduct a full visual inspection of the tower, including casing panels, hot water basins, cold water basins, fill, and all mechanical hardware associated with your tower.

Cooling Tower Evaluation

A complete report of the inspection findings will be provided upon completion of the inspection.

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